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Welcome to Cole's Civil War Shop
13119 Rivers Bend Boulevard
Chester, VA 23836

Coles Civil War Shop is a treasury for bullets, buttons, artillery, buckles, edged weapons (swords, knives and bayonets), weapons (rifles, guns and pistols) dating from the Revolutionary War period (beginning about 1770) through the Civil War to Post-Civil War (1900) - actual military relics and artifacts owned and used by soldiers, their officers and their horses. We also have a whole section of medical and personal items (not just war related)

We buy and sell excavated (found or dug mostly in Virginia) and non-excavated (blockade buttons and buckles, hand-me-downs from relatives and collections) items, many of which were purchased directly from the relic seeker, individual, or collectors. 

We buy gold and silver, collectible items and jewelry.

Here is a partial list of some of our specialty items:

Civil War currency, Civil War bullets (including Confederate made bullets, Confederate ammunition, Confederate Springfield, Enfield and pistol bullets, Confederate artillery, Union made bullets, Union ammunition, Civil War cartridges), Civil War buttons and Revolutionary War buttons, American Civil War buckles from both Union uniforms and Confederate uniforms, war insignia as well as Civil War personal relics and Civil War medical relics.
Collecting Civil War Relics
for more than 40 years.

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**  Featured Items  **

#1277 Confederate South Carolina State Seal Coat, Vest, and Cuff buttons - Rare Trio 
            1) Coat Button BM Mintzer $195
            2) Vest Button BM not legible $125
            3) Cuff Button BM blank $95

#1014 - Half Union Colt powder flask for Colt pistols, .44 Cal Colt pistol bullet,
.44 Cal Colt pistol ball -
In Riker Mount Display - $95
#1018 - Union Model 1840 Small U.S. Buckle, 3-Ring Minie, .69 Cal Musket Ball, Sharps Carbine Bullet -
In Riker Mount Display - $305

 #2061 - Civil War bullets 
1) .69 Cal Buck & Ball Petersburg VA  $10  
2) .68 Cal Richmond Sharps Richmond VA  $12  
3) Star Carbine Petersburg VA $10  
4) Ringtail Sharps Carbine found near New Market VA 
    (used by Stonewall Jackson's Troops) $10  
5) Williams Type II Cleaner Georgia $5

  #2063 - Carved Civil War Bullets 
1) .69 Cal Springfield Mechanicsville VA $12 
2) Sharps Carbine found near Five Forks VA  $20  
3) Sharps Carbine found near Five Forks VA $20  
4) Confederate Bullet Colonial Heights VA $20

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