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Photo Gallery of Items Sold
State of NY
CS Belt BuckleTongue
Va Belt Buckle Tongue
Alabama Map Button
Massachusetts 1st Reg
Mississippi Cavalry
More Gold And Silver Coins Available
Carved Bullets
Officer Hat 
Union Sword Belt
Burnside Rifle
New York Sword Belt Buckle
Early Militia Belt Buckle
Artillery Sword
Tiffany Sword
Small US Buckle
Mississippi Infantry
USA Intertwined Rosette
Flintlock Pistol
Wilderness Battlefield Pickup
Savage Pistol
Diplomat Uniform
Ohio Volunteer Militia Breast Plate And Belt Buckle
Small US Buckle On A White Leather Belt
Bridesburg Contract Manufacture
U.S. 1864 C. Roby Sword
CS Saddle Shield
CS Saddle Shield
Va State Militia Kepi Letters
Palmetto Guard
Alabama Volunteer Corps
US Navy Officer - Pattern 1830
Bullet Struck Cartridge Box Plate
Small US Cartridge Box Plate
1863 Sharps New Model
 Hudson Highlands Revolutionary War Buttons
Maynard Carbine 
Found On The Gettysburg Battlefield 
Revolutionary War Spontoon
Rare CS Navy
USN Cutlas
Virginia Soldier Collection
Second Model Brown Bess
         1797 Mortimer
 D Guard Knife
E. Gaylord Stamped Maryland Belt Buckle
Maryland Sword Belt Buckle
New Hampshire State Militia Belt Buckle
Rare Well Armed Confederate Soldier Image
Maryland Sword Belt Buckle
Thomas Griswold & Co Sword - New Orleans
Colonial Era Jug
  D Guard Knife
24th NC Inf Co B
Colonial Era Waffle Iron
Cook & Brother Stamped Sword
D Guard Knife
1854 Percussion Pistol - US Marked
                 I. N. Johnson
CSA Officer
Officer Slouch Hat
Colt Pistol In Original Wooden Box With CSA Provenance Documents
Texas Sword Belt
Texas Sword Belt
One Of Many CSA Notes
Ohio Volunteer Militia
Ordnance Insignia
U S Cavalry
Artillery Insignia
NC Staff
Mac Mason
1837 Texas Note
Soldier Carved Rifle - T. Ellis
Rose Maker mark Stamped Blade
1799 Starr Stamped Blade - 1st US Contact
1862 Enfield Tower
Regiment Marked Flintlock Pistol
1855 Musketoon
NCO Buckle
1812 Martingale
Battlefield Pickup Spencer Rifle
Pepper Box Pistol
Artillery Sword
Militia Tongue
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CSA Fayetteville Rifle
Cadet Musket
Presentation Sword And Navy Pistol
Navy Powder Flask